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App – Subway Surfer

Requires – Android or IOS

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App NameSubway Surfers
Publisher1: SOBY 2: KILOO
Size154 MB
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updateJune 24, 2023 (1 day ago)

What is Subway Surfers Beijing APK?

An Android application package file (APK) known as Subway Surfers Beijing APK enables users to install and play the Beijing edition of the popular game. Kiloo and SYBO Games created the well-known infinite running smartphone game Subway Surfers. It follows a guy who is being pursued by a cranky inspector and his dog through numerous metropolitan settings, including tube systems.

A special version of the game, called Subway Surfers Beijing, is situated in Beijing, China. The game’s graphics and gameplay feature aspects of Chinese culture and landmarks. In order to get the best score, players may go through the underground tracks, avoid obstacles, gather money, and use power-ups.

The significance of understanding that downloading and installing

What’s inside the Subway Surfers Game?

The endless-running game Subway Surfers provides a thrilling and hectic experience. What to expect from the Subway Surfers video game is as follows:

  1. Characters: Subway Surfers offers a wide range of characters, each with a distinctive look and set of skills. Some characters are available right away, while others must be either acquired through item collection or in-game monetary purchases.
  2. Gameplay: The basic goal of the game is to traverse as much of the underground rails as you can while dodging obstacles and approaching trains. Players swipe left or right to change lanes, up or down to leap, roll, or slide under obstructions. Your reflexes must be swift, and you must think quickly to dodge obstacles throughout the game.

How to Install Subway Surfers?

To install Subway Surfers on your mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app store: Launch the app store on your device. For Android devices, it is the Google Play Store, while iOS devices use the Apple App Store.
  2. Search for Subway Surfers: In the app store’s search bar, type “Subway Surfers” and tap the search button.
  3. Select Subway Surfers: From the search results, locate the official Subway Surfers game developed by Kiloo.
  4. Check compatibility: Before installing, ensure that your device meets the game’s system requirements. Subway Surfers is compatible with a wide range of devices, but it’s always a good idea to verify compatibility.
  5. Tap “Install” or “Get”: On the game’s page, tap the “Install” (Android) or “Get” (iOS) button to initiate the installation process.
  6. Wait for installation: Your device will start downloading and installing Subway Surfers. The progress will be indicated by a downloading or installing icon.
  7. Launch the game: Once the installation is complete, you can open Subway Surfers by tapping the game’s icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer.

After launching the game, you’ll be able to start playing Subway Surfers and enjoy the endless running experience.

It’s worth noting that the installation process may vary slightly depending on your specific device and the app store you are using.

Who has the highest record in Subway Surfers?

Here are the top three world record holders for Subway Surfers:

  • Harshal Gavali – 2,147,483,647 points.
  • Karim Mayur – 2,000,001,660 points.
  • Ruhanul I – 1,706,059,214 points.

On Subway Surfers, the best score of 2,147,483,647 points cannot be beaten. This can be explained quite simply by the game’s operating system, which, although it seems infinite, has its limits. To explain this, we need only look at the storage/saving of points in the game during your race.

What’s New in Subway Surfers?

As of my knowledge limit in September 2021, Subway Surfers received the following changes. Please be aware that there may have been more recent updates issued. I suggest checking the game’s official website or the official app store to receive the most current and accurate information on the newest features and upgrades.

  1. New places: Players may explore brand-new city-themed places in Subway Surfers on a regular basis. Every update introduces a new city or area with its own surroundings, monuments, and cultural components. Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and many other places are examples of previously highlighted locales.
  2. Limited-Time Events: The game regularly has unique occasions related to actual holidays, festivals, or particular themes. At these occasions,

How long does it take to get to 1 million Subway Surfers?

Depending on a player’s skill level, strategy, and frequency of play, Subway Surfers can take anything from a few minutes to many hours to earn 1 million points. To obtain 1 million points in Subway Surfers, an infinite running game in which the distance travelled and the quantity of coins gathered are factors in the final score, you must play consistently and accumulate points over time.

To obtain 1 million points, it would often take several hours or even days of nonstop play. It’s crucial to remember that different playing preferences and skill levels might have a significant influence on how long it takes to reach this goal. One million points may be attained rather fast for certain skilled, experienced players with sophisticated methods, while it may take longer for others.

In the end, the

What is the world record in Subway Surfers No Coin challenge?

The majority of Subway Surfers world records are unofficial, and players frequently publicise their accomplishments on forums, social media, or specific Subway Surfers groups. I advise visiting official Subway Surfers forums, online leaderboards, or doing a search on websites like YouTube or gaming communities where players discuss their achievements to uncover the most recent No Coin challenge world record.

What is the cheat code for Subway Surfers?

The producers of Subway Surfers do not advocate or promote the use of cheats to obtain an unfair advantage in the game because the game is intended to be played without them. Additionally, employing cheat codes may be against the terms of service for the game, which might lead to sanctions or the loss of progress.

To keep the game interesting and fun for players, Subway Surfers’ creators frequently make updates and add new features, characters, and events. To get high scores and officially unlock rewards, it is advised to play the game as intended, trying out various tactics, gathering cash, and honing your abilities.

There are several guides, methods, and tips accessible online that might be beneficial if you run into problems or need help playing Subway Surfers.

What are the max times in Subway Surfers?

Players can aim to attain a number of “max” criteria in Subway Surfers. These consist of:

  1. Maximum Score: Since Subway Surfers is an unending game, the player’s potential score is potentially limitless. However, achieving exceedingly high scores calls for extraordinary talent, cunning, and perseverance.
  2. Max Level: In Subway Surfers, Level 100 is the highest level a player may achieve. Players advance through several levels as they gain experience points by jogging and completing objectives, unlocking new content and rewards along the way.
  3. Maximum Multiplier: In Subway Surfers, the maximum score multiplier is 30x. Players may considerably improve their score multiplier up to 30 times by collecting consecutive Mystery Boxes, which will greatly enhance their point totals.
  4. Max Coins: As long as

What is the rank of Subway Surfers in India?

I am unable to give the ranking of Subway Surfers in India or any other country at this time. Rankings for apps might change regularly depending on things like downloads, user reviews, and general popularity.

But the game Subway Surfers has continually been well-liked and downloaded all across the world, even in India. It has a sizable player base and keeps up a solid presence in app stores across many different nations. In India and other countries, Subway Surfers is frequently ranked among the best free games.

I advise looking at the official app store rankings, app tracking websites, and other sources for the most current and accurate information on Subway Surfers’ position in India.

How much is 200k coins in Subway Surfers?

The worth of coins in Subway Surfers might change based on how they are utilised. The main in-game money used to buy hoverboards, characters, upgrades, and other goods is coins. The worth of 200,000 coins will vary depending on how they are used because different goods might have different costs.

For instance, if a character costs 1,000 coins, 200 characters might be bought for 200,000 coins. However, 200,000 coins would be sufficient to purchase 20 characters if each character were to cost 10,000 coins.

It’s vital to remember that game updates and the addition of new content may alter the economy and costs. The creators could also announce one-time discounts or deals on specific products. It is thus advised to search the in-game store for the particular

Is Subway Surfers successful?

Yes, since its debut, Subway Surfers has had great success. Millions of gamers worldwide have downloaded and played it due to its great appeal. The app shops Google Play Store and Apple App Store frequently list the game as one of the best free games available.

The popularity of Subway Surfers may be credited to its captivating and addicting gameplay, vibrant graphics, and frequent updates that bring new features, settings, and activities. Over the years, the game’s creators, Kiloo and SYBO Games, have actively nurtured and developed it, keeping gamers interested and bringing in new players.

The game is approachable to a large audience, including casual gamers and players of all ages, thanks to its straightforward swipe-based controls, continuous running mechanics, and easy gameplay. It appeals to both people and

Do Subway Surfers get faster?

Yes, as you advance in the game Subway Surfers, the gaming tempo rapidly picks up. Your character’s pace along the tube tracks eventually gets quicker and more difficult as you cover more ground and earn better scores.

The speed of the game is intended to progressively grow in order to raise the level of challenge and gaming intensity. As a result, there is a sense of advancement and more excitement since players must respond swiftly to avoid hazards and move through the faster-paced landscape.

The game becomes increasingly difficult and interesting over time as players must develop their reflexes and timing to effectively navigate the tracks as the speed rises.

It’s important to note that the speed increase happens gradually to give players time to adjust.

What is Subway Surfers jackpot?

The jackpot in Subway Surfers refers to a unique prize or bonus that players may get while engaging in games. The Prize Wheel, a gaming element, may be spun in order to win the jackpot.

At the conclusion of a run, players who have collected a predetermined number of Mystery Boxes are given the chance to spin the Prize Wheel. Coins, keys, power-ups, character unlocks, hoverboards, and occasionally a jackpot may all be found on the Prize Wheel.

If players are fortunate, they could spin the Prize Wheel’s jackpot segment, which awards them a substantial sum of coins or other worthwhile incentives. The jackpot, whose value might change, is a unique reward for gamers who

How do you get infinite event tokens in Subway Surfers?

As an AI language model, I must stress that it is not encouraged or endorsed to use tricks or hacks to get unlimited event tokens or any other unfair advantage in Subway Surfers. Such behaviour violates the terms of service for the game, is punishable, and interferes with the fair and balanced gameplay experience that the creators intended.

Players have the chance to accumulate event tokens in Subway Surfers by taking part in challenges and special events as well as merely playing the game. With these tokens, players may access material, characters, and awards that are only available to them.

Take into account the following tactics to increase your event token earnings:

  1. Perform frequently: Take part in the time-limited challenges and activities offered by Subway Surfers. These events frequently provide additional event tokens as prizes for

What is 1 daily challenge in Subway Surfers?

Daily challenges in Subway Surfers are certain goals or tasks that players may achieve every day to win prizes. These difficulties provide the game a new dimension of fun and give gamers reasons to play it frequently. Players are given a new task every day, and they have 24 hours to finish it before a new one appears.

The Subway Surfers daily challenges might vary, but they usually ask for particular gaming activities or accomplishments. Daily difficulties include, for instance:

  1. Gather a certain number of coins throughout a run.
  2. Perform a specific amount of jumps.
  3. Move past a certain amount of barriers by sliding or rolling.
  4. Complete a particular distance or score in a race.
  5. Use

How to get free characters in Subway Surfers?

There are several ways to get free characters in Subway Surfers without having to make in-app purchases. Here are several strategies for free character unlocking:

  1. Events and Challenges: Take part in the game’s time-restricted events and challenges. During these events, achieving particular goals or satisfying prerequisites might award you with free characters as rewards.
  2. Weekly Hunt Challenges: Keep a look out for these challenges, which frequently reward players with characters. Over the course of a week, you must gather particular artefacts hidden around the gaming area to complete these objectives.
  3. Mystery Boxes: During your runs, collect Mystery Boxes to gain characters and other unpredictably rewarding gifts. You have a better probability of uncovering characters the more Mystery Boxes you have collected.
  4. Wheel of Prizes: By obtaining a

How do you get special characters in Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers, special characters are often unlocked through particular procedures or occasions. The following are various methods for getting in-game special characters:

  1. Special events and limited-time deals are routinely introduced in Subway Surfers, allowing players to earn exclusive characters. To obtain the unique character as a prize, take part in these events and achieve the event-specific goals.
  2. Season Hunts: Season Hunts are rare occasions where players must gather particular things over the course of a season to unlock a special character. These hunts often continue for a predetermined amount of time, and obtaining all necessary things will award you with the unique character.
  3. Mystery Boxes and Prize Wheel: Character tokens may be obtained by collecting Mystery Boxes throughout runs. as soon as you have enough

Who created Subway Surfers?


Subway Surfers Game

Kiloo and SYBO Games created the hugely well-liked infinite running game known as Subway Surfers. Since its first release in 2012, it has amassed a sizable player base across several platforms. In the video game Underground Surfers, players assume the role of a character who is being pursued by an irate inspector and his dog across various metropolitan settings, including underground systems. Run as far as you can while dodging obstacles and approaching trains, earning gold and power-ups. Players may easily use the game’s swipe-based controls by swiping left or right to change lanes, up to leap, and down to roll or slide beneath obstacles. Players may unlock more characters, hoverboards, and other customization by mastering the tracks and gathering money.

Subway Surfers Storyline

A substantial, ongoing plot is lacking in Subway Surfers. Instead, it concentrates on giving gamers a fun and unending running experience. The main goal of the game is to manage a guy who is continually being pursued by a cranky inspector and his dog across several metropolitan areas, including tube systems.

The pursuit and escape are the primary themes of the plot. In the process of tagging a tube train, the player’s character and their buddies are apprehended. To get away from the inspector and his dog, they must run, avoid obstacles, and gather money. As the protagonists visit various city-themed sites, the scene frequently shifts to highlight well-known sights and cultural components.

Despite the lack of a complex storyline or continuing plot, Subway Surfers remains a fun and

subway surfers features

A wide range of features are available in Subway Surfers, which add to the game’s captivating and addicting action. Here are a few of the game’s noteworthy attributes:1. Endless Running: In the endless running game Subway Surfers, you must go as far as you can without being discovered by the inspector and his dog. The landscape in the game is dynamic and ever-changing, which keeps the gameplay interesting and difficult.2. Simple, intuitive controls: The game’s swipe-based controls make it simple to use and suitable for gamers of all ages. Players swipe left or right to change lanes, up or down to leap, roll, or slide under obstructions.3. Temporary advantages are provided by a number of power-ups and boosters in Subway Surfers.

special help item

Players may improve their gameplay in Subway Surfers by utilising unique aid products. These goods provide players short-term advantages and can help them get better scores. Some of the in-game special aids include the following:

  1. Power-ups: During gameplay, power-ups are specialised goods that grant quick boosts and benefits. These consist of:
  • Jetpack: This feature enables the player to soar above the tracks while dodging hazards and gathering money.
  • Coin Magnet: Draws attention to surrounding coins, making collection simpler.
    Super Sneakers: Improves the character’s ability to jump, enabling them to leap higher and dodge obstacles.
    Increases the scoring multiplier, giving players the opportunity to score more points.
  • 2X Multiplier: For a set period of time, doubles the value of coins gathered.

Boxes of mystery


In conclusion, Kiloo and SYBO Games created the well-known and addicting infinite running game known as Subway Surfers. A character in the game is pursued by an inspector and his dog through tube networks and other city-themed settings. It is simple to play for players of all ages because to its swipe-based controls.

A variety of features are available in Subway Surfers, such as simple controls, collecting coins, power-ups, and boosters that grant momentary benefits. Different hoverboards and personalities with unique features are available for players to unlock. To keep the action interesting and fresh, the game often adds new city-themed places, one-time events, and challenges.

Subway Surfers offers an immersive and exciting experience with its colourful graphics, fun gameplay, and social elements that let users compete with friends.


Q: Is Subway Surfers available for free?
A: Yes, Subway Surfers is a free-to-play game. It can be downloaded and played for free on Android and iOS devices. However, it does offer optional in-app purchases for players who wish to enhance their gameplay or unlock certain items more quickly.

Q: Can I play Subway Surfers offline?
A: No, Subway Surfers requires an internet connection to play. The game utilizes online features for updates, events, leaderboards, and social features. However, once the game is downloaded and updated, you can play it without a constant internet connection.

Q: Can I sync my progress between devices?
A: Yes, Subway Surfers supports syncing game progress across multiple devices. By connecting the game to a social media account like Facebook or Google Play Games (Android) or Game Center (iOS), you can save and transfer your progress, allowing you to continue playing on a different device.

Q: How often are new updates released for Subway Surfers?
A: Subway Surfers regularly receives updates that introduce new city-themed locations, characters, hoverboards, events, and gameplay features. The frequency of updates may vary, but the developers consistently provide new content to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

Q: Can I play Subway Surfers on my PC or gaming console?
A: Subway Surfers is primarily designed for mobile devices and is available for Android and iOS platforms. While there isn’t an official version for PC or gaming consoles, you may be able to emulate and play the mobile version on certain PC or console emulators.

Q: Is Subway Surfers appropriate for children?
A: Subway Surfers is generally considered suitable for players of all ages. It features colorful and cartoony graphics, and its gameplay is relatively simple and non-violent. However, parental guidance is recommended for younger children, as the game does contain in-app purchases and online features. It’s always a good idea to monitor and manage your child’s gaming activities.

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When it comes to surfing, there are several countries known for producing highly skilled surfers and having renowned surf spots. While determining which country has the “best” surfers can be subjective and may change over time, some countries have consistently produced a significant number of successful and talented surfers. Here are a few countries with a strong surfing culture and a history of producing top surfers:

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  2. United States: The United States, particularly states like California and Hawaii, has a rich surfing heritage and has been home to many legendary surfers. Hawaii, in particular, is renowned for its powerful waves and has produced numerous world champions.
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  4. Hawaii: Hawaii is widely regarded as the birthplace of modern surfing and has a long-standing tradition of producing exceptional surfers. The powerful and challenging waves of Hawaii have shaped the skills of surfers and contributed to their success in the sport.
  5. South Africa: South Africa has a vibrant surfing culture and is known for its excellent surf conditions along the country’s coastline. The country has produced talented surfers who have made their mark in international competitions.

It’s important to note that surfing talent can arise from various countries worldwide, and the “best” surfers can differ depending on different criteria such as competition results, innovation, and individual styles. Surfing is a global sport, and talent can be found in many coastal regions around the world.

Who is the hero of Subway Surfers?

Jake is a character who serves as the game’s main protagonist and hero. Young graffiti artist Jake is recognisable by his vivid blue attire and headgear. He is the main character that gamers control while playing.

While tagging a tube train, Jake and his companions are apprehended by a cranky inspector and his dog. Jake’s adventure is then depicted in the game as he races through tube tunnels, avoids obstacles, and gathers coins while attempting to flee the inspector and his dog who are chasing him.

Jake is frequently seen as the main character and the one who is most strongly linked with the game, even though players in Subway Surfers have the opportunity to unlock and play as a variety of different characters.

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