PicsArt Mod Apk v21.1.6 [Premium Unlocked/No Ads] Latest Version Download


PicsArt Mod Apk is one of the best photo editor and video editor apps. You can easily modify your pictures and videos. PicsArt is an all-in-one editor and collage maker app. With over 400 million installed and 150 million creators around the world.

Picsart is a popular app and has lots of amazing features. You can bring your creativity and make professional collages, design, and add stickers. Also, you can remove and swap backgrounds and choose hundreds of filters. As a graphic designer and editor, you should use it.

PicsArt is the most popular mobile picture editor for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. You can share your designs on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

App Info

Updated onDec 2, 2022
Downloads1,000,000,000+ downloads
Offered byPicsArt, Inc.
Premium featuresUnlocked/No Ads
Released onNov 4, 2011
Reviews11.6M reviews

Features of PicsArt Apk Mod

Photo Editing

If you want to edit your photos then PicsArt is the best app for photo editing. Add text to photos with 200+ designer fonts and a great library of freebies available. PicsArt gallery has more than 2,000 photographs. It has trendy filters for pictures and amazing effects for photos.

You can erase the background with an Eraser tool and replace the background. You can also remove unnecessary objects with the help of the Remove Object tool and free images help to edit your photo.

PicsArt has many tools to edit your photo, retouch your selfie, hair color changer, and makeup stickers, quickly flip, crop photos, add stickers, create your stickers, and blur your background with the help of an AI-powered smart selection tool.

Video Editing

PicsArt is a photo editor app, that gives some options and basic editing tools to edit your videos. You can add music with the help of Music Library, crop, add stickers, add text, trim the video, and many more. Also, you can use Glitch effects and trendy filters in the videos.

Using these tools you can make the next level status videos, short story videos, TikTok, and reels and also add your beautiful moments to a video collage.

Create Collages or Grid

You can make creative, modern, and amazing collages with the help of the Grid tool. Picsart provides many templates to create creative collages. You can use thousands of ready-made templates to create collages. Using this tool, you can make memes, and stories for social media.

You can easily create photo albums with the help of the Grid tool in PicsArt. 

The PicsArt app provides many templates for creating collages. So, You can choose any beautiful template you want for your college and import the photos into it.

Create Stickers and Free Stickers

In this app, discover more than 60+ million stickers. You can create cute stickers and add stickers to your edits. PicsArt gives you a huge library of free stickers where you can download any sticker you need. The best thing is, anyone, make their custom stickers and clipart. 

Filters and Effects

Effects: Sketch effects are most popular in PicsArt because of the outline effect. The PicsArt app has many effects. Canvas effect turns your portrait into an artistic masterpiece, Create drip art with dripping effect stickers, customize the blend mode and cartoon Effect Turn your selfie into a cartoon yourself.

Filters: Easy and fast way to enhance your photo with beautiful and aesthetic filters. Picsart has a huge collection of filters. Light filters can brighten your pictures, color toning, rainbow filter, black and white filter, and many more.

Pro Drawing Tool

Picsart offers a drawing tool for those who want to draw sketches or illustrations. This feature is fantastic for drawing lovers. You should enjoy this feature. PicsArt gives customized brushes, color layers, and many more. You can doodle on your pictures and make a transparent clothes effect. 


You can recreate trendy edits and also edit multiple images in the same style. Create a transparent fabric effect and personalize it. Keep your IG feed on-trend and consistent by creating personalized presets.


With one tap you can remove the background and unwanted objects from the photo. Hundreds of creative and amazing filters and effects, change the background, and also add and create stickers on photos. You can enhance your photo, retouch your photos, change hair color, change eye color, and remove blemishes from photos. 


App Versions

Two versions of the PicsArt app. One is free and the other is Gold.

The gold version has a monthly $ 4.66 charge. PicsArt gives a 1-month free trial through a credit card. Then you can edit your picture, and videos, get 1000 fonts, 1000 templates, lots of stickers, remove watermarks with gold tools and get premium support. 

Free is best for beginners who want to learn to edit then PicsArt is best for editors who love photo editing and video editing. PicsArt gives a huge collection of stickers, templates, fonts, filters, effects, and many more. You can easily use PicsArt.

Unlocked Premium Features

Many features in the premium PicsArt app. When you download the app of PicsArt with the internet. Tap on the PicsArt app and start editing. PicsArt is a worldwide editing app. They have many users of this app. 

  • Using PicsArt Apk, you can change the background color and effect in the picture.
  • Get thousands of filters and effects.
  • Get many exclusive fonts only for Gold members.
  • Thousands of stickers.
  • You can remove the background.

PicsArt Gold Features

We gave you a cracked version of PicsArt gold. You get all the gold premium features in PicsArt. You can use them without advertisement, use all gold features for free and enjoy them. To use all features, you need to pay for unlocking them.

  • Get unlimited pre-made templates as you like.
  • In this app, it is easy to curve, stretch, crop, add text, frame, backgrounds, and many more. 
  • Unlimited fonts. 
  • Lots of stickers.
  • Ad free.
  • Use it without a watermark.
  • You can get 50,000 high-resolution images.
  • You can share your design, pictures, and reels with friends through social media apps.
  • Create your thumbnails or banners through this app.
  • Huge library of frames
  • If you have a stained image you can restore it with the help of the restore tool. 
  • Inside this app, you can get beautiful boundaries. 
  • You can apply modern text style quotes on your photo by choosing your favorite font style.
  • Also, you edit your photos with exposure and transparency.
  • It has the best, you can customize brushes, layers, and amazing drawings.  
  • PicsArt offers thousands of tools that you can easily use.
  • Inside this app, you can get unlimited collages.

How to Install PicsArt Mod Apk?

Before installing the app just allow the third-party app installation from the setting.

  • Go to
  • Click the download button
  • After the download is finished tap the downloaded app.
  • An installer popup will appear.
  • Tap the install button.

Enjoy the best editing experience ever.

How to use PicsArt Mod Apk?

After installing the app, users can start editing right away and enjoy the app. When we tap the PicsArt app icon it does not permit your internet data and gives you the option to choose the wifi and mobile data.

Splash Screen:

When you tap the PicsArt app icon, then the PicsArt icon appears on a screen that is called a splash screen

PicsArt Gold:

PicsArt Gave premium plans for PicsArt users. If you want to try these gold features PicsArt gives seven days for free.

PicsArt Login:

PicsArt gives three options for login Facebook, Google, or creating an account. If you want to login into the PicsArt app or skip it, this is your choice. PicsArt gives the skip option in the right corner.

Home Screen:

After login in, the home screen appeared. This screen showed PicsArt users who can use this app. You can follow the users and also get inspiration.

Discover Screen:

You can discover many things from these fonts, templates, stickers, and many more. If you want to download anything, you can download it from this for free. 


PicsArt gives many options to edit your photos or videos. You can make collages, edit photos, draw sketches, make templates, and many more.


Upload your creation and take voting from the other user. This is best for users who know about your design or editing how many users like your creation and also you can vote for other users. 


You can see your followers and followers. Also, you can edit your profile name, change your profile photo, and many more. You can see your uploaded photos and videos. If you save the pictures and videos from this app also you can see them.

Basics of photo editing


A crop tool is a basic tool for editing. This tool is mostly used for adjusting the framing of photographs. If you want to fit social media pictures into a specific dimension, you can use a crop tool to do this. This is also best for highlighting the compositions of the pictures.


This tool is very similar to the crop tool. It is very helpful while editing a photo. When you take pictures and want ideal angles. You can adjust your photo angles with help of a straightening tool. 


When you capture a picture you have some lightning issue and you want your picture bright. So, don’t worry about that because PicsArt gives a brightness tool. It can be very easy to control light in this app. The amount of light within your photo then your photo look more professional.


Every editor and photographer wishes his image could be brighter and bolder. With the help of a contrast tool, you can adjust the contract. Highlight the dark areas, also brighten the image, bolder and more eye-catching. If you reduce the contrast achieve a more mellow and muted look.


The saturation tool is used for enhancing the colors, making them brighter and more prominent. If you reduce the saturation, your image will be black and white and have a washed-out look.


If you captured a professional image you want some detailed and focused image. PicsArt gives a clarity tool for doing this. With the help of a tool, you can adjust the clarity of your image, heightening and sharpening the image. If you have bad lighting or need to enhance your image, the clarity tool will be helpful.


The shadow tool is used to adjust the show of the image. The Shadow is the darkest part of the image. It indicates the dark areas of the images, in a color image look for the darkest colors, and in a grayscale image look for the darkest gray or black areas. This tool highlights the dark area of an image.


Highlights tool similar to shadow tool. They highlight the dark area of an image. If you capture an image that is too dark with the help of a tool you can hide the dark area and lighten up your image. This tool reduces the glare of an image. 


It is an amazing tool for adjusting the white balance and colors of the image. The temperature tool makes the image warmer and colder, this tool can affect the mood and style of the photograph. Warm images are more popular on social media because it reminds me of pleasant feelings and natural light.


In PicsArt offers lots of filters and effects. FX is a category of effects and filters. This category has many suitable effects and filters for images. You can use these filters and effects and make them look professional and classic.

Blur and Artistic

Blur and Artistic are categories of effects and filters. If you want to adjust your photo, and also want a graphical look to the image then you should try these effects. The artistic category has provided various artistic effects and filters, converting images into cartoons, sketches, and drawings. The blur effect makes your image look blurry.


It is also the category of effects. The paper category has a lot of paper effects. These are unique effects. These filters look like they can be printed on canvas and in newspapers. It gives a vintage look. 

Color Exposure & Colors

PicsArt gives a wide range of color filters in this category. It is very easy to adjust the colors in an image with one tap. These are also cool effects. The color exposure category has lots of filters in it. When we capture an image they look like a moving objects.

Light Filters and Color Toning

With these filters, you can make your picture aesthetic. If you have a dark color image you want a light color picture then PicsArt gives a light filter gallery this category has many light filters. Color toning if you captured a picture and you do not like the color, this category has lots of colorful filters.


It is a  popular filter. Many users use this filter because of black and white. It is used to express sad feelings. This category has many black & white filters. It is easy to apply this filter to photos with one tap. 


These are amazing effects in this category. Magic is a category of effects, it has lots of effects. You can make your picture into a colorful drawing, watercolor, vector, and many more. With these filters, you can create your picture creative and classic. 

PicsArt User Interface (UI)

It has five options at the bottom.

Home> Its main page, it shows the best editors here you can follow and also the inspiration for you.

Discover> On this page, you can download stickers, templates, fonts, and many more.

Create> You can create your designs, edit videos and edit pictures.

Challenges> On this page, you can share your creation with other users.

Profile> This is a user profile where you can see your followers, edit your profile and see your videos. 

PicsArt User Experience (UX)

The overall experience is outstanding. Users can easily interact and find the tools they want. Everything is exactly perfectly located where it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions About PicsArt Mod Apk

How do you get PicsArt Pro for free?

You can download the PicsArt mod app from and enjoy all the gold features for free.

How do I edit my PicsArt like a pro?

First, open the app. Secondly, tap the bottom toolbar to upload the photo. Then tap the tools and all tools will appear.

What is PicsArt Mod Apk? 

PicsArt is a photo editing and video editing app. Also, have a creative community. You can draw, create designs, and also share. 

What is PicsArt gold premium? 

Gold premium is a version of the app that has all unlimited premium features. You will enjoy 

this app without any interruption of annoying ads. 

What is the downside of the free version of the PicsArt app?

Users can not edit the picture for more than 20 minutes because they have to watch the ads that pop out.

What is the difference between the free and gold versions of the PicsArt app?

Gold: PicsArt gives a 1-month free trial through a credit card. Then you can edit your picture, and videos, get 1000 fonts, 1000 templates, lots of stickers, remove watermarks with gold tools and get premium support. 

Free: You have to watch the ads that pop out. PicsArt gives a huge collection of stickers, templates, fonts, filters, effects, and many more. You can easily use PicsArt.

What is the use of the PicsArt app?

PicsArt allows users to edit the video and photos, create and download content on demand, and also gives access to full editing tools and templates. In the Gold version, you can edit the video or photo without ads. PicsArt allows the user to create designs and upload them.

Is the PicsArt editing app safe?

Yes so far it’s safe there is no user information Violation happening on this editing app.

Who is the Developer of the PicsArt App?

Entrepreneur Hovhannes Avoyan launched this best editing app.

Can I do a PicsArt App on PC?

PicsArt is also available for Windows PCs and MacBooks. 

Can I use the PicsArt mod app without logging in to the account?

Yes, you can use this App without logging into the account, but your image and data will not be downloaded and uploaded. If you log in to this app. Then you will be able to get gold premium services for free.

Does PicsArt App use the Internet?

Yes, you can use this app without the internet but if you want to download stickers, templates, fonts, and many more then the internet is very important. 

Is Picsart free?

Yes, PicsArt is a free app. But it does include some premium features.


This is an amazing app as far as I have experienced it. Having all the features is amazing. 

Bad things about PicsArt App

  • This app is very large and takes up a lot of space on mobile. 
  • Required internet for editing.
  • Some editing features work after connecting to the internet.
  • This application is open on android mobile then slows the speed of mobile
  • Cannot edit images without clicking 10 ads before starting.
  • Aggressive advertising is everywhere.
  • Now it is impossible to save your photos without subscribing. 

PicsArt, Inc.

PicsArt, Inc. is a mobile app development company founded in 2011. Till 2023, PicsArt, Inc. Entrepreneur Hovhannes Avoyan launched this best editing app. There were 35 million downloads. Overall, more than 700+ users have downloaded this application on their devices. 800+ edits every second and 1B+ edit per month. 180 countries with active Picsart creators and 30 supported languages.150M+ monthly active users.

Disclaimer: This is not an Official website. We have no association with Picsart , All Credit is the Right of original App developers.


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