Geometry Dash Apk Full Version 2.211 Download for Android (Unlimited Everything)

Geometry dash apk is a rhythm-based action platformer video game where players jump and fly through various levels filled with dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. The gameplay is simple and involves one-touch controls.

The game features numerous levels with unique soundtracks and a level editor allowing players to build and share their own levels. Players can also unlock new icons and colors to customize their character, and use various abilities such as flying rockets and flipping gravity.

The game includes a practice mode to allow players to sharpen their skills and offers a range of achievements and rewards to unlock. The game has no in-app purchases, and it is designed to be a challenging experience.

Features of Geometry Dash Apk

Challenging Levels

These challenges can range from simple jumps to more complex ones, such as navigating through rotating obstacles or avoiding incoming dangers and requiring the player to have good timing to complete them successfully.

Practice Mode

This is a helpful feature for players who are having difficulty with a particular level. The player can die as often as they want without consequence, allowing them to experiment with different strategies.

Boosters to gain an advantage

 Boosters can be useful for players to progress through difficult levels and achieve higher scores Some boosters may allow the player to jump higher, while others may slow down the game.

Collect coins

Collecting coins is not important for completing a level, but it can help the player to earn a higher score and it can also help to unlock new characters and items. 

Unlock achievements

In this game, players can complete tasks and claim rewards for unlocking their achievements.

Customize your character

Players have the ability to customize their characters, also known as “icons”. The players can select the avatar from a variety of different appearance options, such as different colors and shapes.

Create and share custom levels

Players can create their own levels using the game’s level editor. Players can design their levels using a variety of obstacles, platforms, and other elements, and then share their creations with other players online.

Unlock new characters

Players can use different avatars in the game. These characters can be unlocked by completing certain levels, achievements, or challenges, or by purchasing them using in-game currency or real money.

Different levels

In this game, Levels are designed with a specific set of obstacles and challenges. The levels in Geometry Dash are divided into different categories, such as official levels and user-generated levels.

Rhythm-based gameplay

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based game, which means that the gameplay is timed to the beat of the music. Players must navigate their character through a series of obstacles and challenges in time with the music to complete the level.

Multiple game modes

Geometry Dash features several different game modes, including the main campaign mode, a level editor, and a practice mode. 

Online leaderboards

Players can compete with others from around the world for the top spot on online leaderboards.


Geometry Dash features a wide variety of music tracks that are specially designed for the game, adding to the immersive experience.

Unlocked Premium Features

  • Players can use boosters to gain an advantage.
  • They can Complete challenging levels and create their own.
  • Also can send your custom levels to friends to try.
  • Unlock achievements by completing the different tasks.
  • In this game, players can customize their character.
  • They can fly through levels in plane mode.
  • Lots of levels in this game with different soundtracks.
  • Players can build and share their levels with other users using the level editor
  • Practice mode to improve your skills
  • Gain achievements and rewards
  • Unlimited Money
  • Players can access all levels
  • Exclusive icons and colors for free
  • No ads while playing the game.

How to Install Apk Mod Clash of Clans?

Before installing the app just allow the third-party app installation from the setting.

  • Go to
  • Click the download button
  • After the download is finished tap the downloaded app.
  • An installer popup will appear.
  • Tap the install button.

Enjoy the best game experience ever.

How to Play Geometry Dash Apk?

 After installing the Geometry dash apk, users can start playing right away and enjoy the app. When we tap the geometry dash app icon it does not permit your internet data and gives you the option to choose the wifi and mobile data.

Geometry Dash:

In this game, players can jump over obstacles if they play safely and then complete the levels and claim rewards. With the help of arrows, you can move the cube right and left.

Level Editor:

They can edit their levels as they want. Also, build and delete the levels. This is very interesting for players.

Levels and Soundtracks:

Lots of levels are available to play in Geometry Dash, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. Also, this game has different soundtracks and different sounds are heard when the player plays the game.

Ride your rockets:

Players can also ride their rockets through dangerous passages. It is very helpful for players to complete the levels.

Unlock new icons and colors:

After completing the levels they can unlock the icons and color for the level editor. This game has lots of icons and colors for the game.


  • Hold your finger on the screen to jump on multiple platforms
  • Be careful of spikes that may pop up
  • Take breaks to avoid frustration
  • Drink water to stay focused
  • Tap the screen to jump and fly over obstacles
  • Use the practice mode to familiarize yourself with level
  • Avoid obstacles and dangers to progress through the level



Really amazing graphics in this game if compare with other games. The visuals are highly detailed, with realistic graphics and animations. The art style has become popular in the gaming community and is recognizable to many players. You’ll find yourself enjoying the strategy gameplay and classic visual experiences


The official sound of Clash of Clans is a mix of soundtracks and sound effects. The main theme is an upbeat Celtic-style tune, which is heard in the game’s menu and loading screens. The sound effects used in the game include swords clashing, explosions, and battle cries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Geometry Dash Apk

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