Apk Mod Clash of Clans v15.0.4 Unlimited Troops & Gems For Android (Unlimited Everything)

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Apk Mod Clash of Clans is a strategy game. It is the most popular war game in the whole world. Millions of players play games frequently. In the game, players build their village, train troops, and battle against other players. It is a very addictive game and offers lots of features and specifications. The game is free to play, but players can also purchase premium items.

Updated on15 Dec 2022
Offered bySupercell
Premium featuresUnlocked/No Ads
NameClash of Clans
Reviews59.9M reviews
Downloads500,000,000+ downloads
Released on30 Sept 2013

Game Play


apk mod clash of clans

A clash of Clans battle is a fight between two players. The players attack each other’s villages. The player who has destroyed the most enemies, troops, and whole villages at the end of the battle is the winner. Players are awarded stars based on how much damage, three stars are the maximum.


defend tablet

Players save clans from their attackers and place troops and defenses around the base. You can use different traps and walls to help you defend your base. If you want to protect your clan, then ensure your village is protected with walls, traps, and bombs, and also upgrade your town hall. It will help to protect your troops and building from attackers. 


team-up tablet

Players can team up with other players and friends. Also, they can join groups of players as well as work together, build their village, attack other players, defend against the attack and also join tournaments and wars. 


build tablet

Players can build and customize their villages as they want. A clash of clans gives town halls, trees, decoration objects, troops, bombs and many more to build their village. 


train tablet

In Clash of Clans, players can train troops to attack other players and defend their village. They built an army and also need an Army camp. If players have an Army Camp, they can use elixir, dark elixir, or gold to train troops.

The type of troops depends on the level of their Army Camp. Higher-level camps will allow you to train more powerful troops. After you have trained your troops, you can deploy them in battle or store them in your Clan Castle.

Clan Wars

clans wars tablet

Clan Wars are where two clans can fight against each other in a long battle. The goal of Clan Wars is to earn more stars by destroying their defensive buildings. A clan can win a Clan War by making more stars. Clan Wars is a great way to test your skills against other clans.


collect tablet

In this game, players collect resources such as gold, gems, elixir and dark elixir from buildings. They can also collect from the storage unit and other players by attacking them in villages.

Unlock pets

Players can also unlock the pets for attacking enemies. They help the troops for destroying the enemies’ villages. Every pet has its own home in a clash of clans.  They can also upgrade the house. 

Features of Apk Mod Clash of Clans

Invite friends

Players can invite friends and join the friends’ clans.


They can fight in clans’ wars against the thousands of active players.

Test your skill

If they want to test their skills then they fight in a competitive clan war and prove they’re the best. 

Build alliances

Work together with clan games to earn magic items.

Classic strategy

Battle strategy plans a classic strategy with Numerous collections of troops, heroes and spells. 

Legend League

Players can compete with other players around the whole world and rise to the top of the Legend League leaderboard.


players can also collect resources and loot from other players to upgrade the town hall. 


They defend against the enemy’s attack with help of bombs, traps, walls and many more. 


In a clash of clans, they can also unlock the heroes like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine. 


If they want to make their troops, Spells and Siege Machines more powerful power then they can make them with the help of Research upgrades in their Laboratory. 


Pvp stands for player versus player, if players want to create their custom PVP experience then they can make it through Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special live events.

Hero skins

players can collect hero skins and  Sceneries.

Unlocked Premium Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited gems.
  • Unlimited resources.
  • clash of clans mod anti-ban game because its ban is free. 
  • The server is faster than the previous version.
  • Create different villages, empires, kingdoms and buildings.
  • Players can join other clans as a part of them and fight with enemies.
  • Unlimited premium unlocked troops and pets.
  • Full upgraded hall town, spells and siege machines.
  • Unlimited Gold and Elixir
  • Players can customize their heroes with different skins and attributes
  • They can construct buildings without spending money.
  • Also can use powerful spells and troops to attack your opponents. 
  • Players can play the game without an internet connection. 
  • They get free updates regularly.
  • Construct modded buildings that provide you with special powers.
  • Build custom buildings and troops.
  • Install and play the game without rooting your device.
  • Players participate in special events, such as Clan Wars, to earn rewards.
  • They create custom maps with your own rules and objectives. 
  • Your account will not be banned for using the mod version of the game.

How to Install Apk Mod Clash of Clans?

Before installing the app just allow the third-party app installation from the setting.

  • Go to latestapkmods.com
  • Click the download button
  • After the download is finished tap the downloaded app.
  • An installer popup will appear.
  • Tap the install button.

Enjoy the best game experience ever.

How to use Apk Mod Clash of Clans?

After installing the Clash of clans app, users can start playing right away and enjoy the app. When we tap the clash of clans app icon it does not permit your internet data and gives you the option to choose the wifi and mobile data.


login mobile

Clash of clans gives two options for login with supercell ID and without supercell ID. If you want to create an account on supercell then you can log in with Facebook and Google.  


loading mobile

After the login screen, appear loading interface takes some time for loading. 


clan mobile

After this process, finally you will interact with the clan. If you are new to this game the clash of clans then they guide the beginners. If you have already an account then your old clan appears who has already login. It is also known as builder base. 


versus battle mobile

If players want to attack then clash of clans gives an attack option in the left bottom corner. With the help of this option, you can attack other players. When you click on ‘’find now’’ then you explore more clans for an attack.

Get the gold:

challenges rewards perks mobile

You can see this option right side of the attack. In this game, the clash of clans gives challenges to complete. After completing the challenges you can collect resources. You can collect rewards and get gold, gems and many more. In the perk section, you can unlock the gold pass with the help of resources. 

Fill army camps:

fill army camps mobile

Clash of clans gives an option above it attack. Sword and the vial represent the fill army camps option. In this, you can add more troops to attack as many as you want. You can also boost the army for troops it makes more power. 

Join clan:

join now mobile

This option is where you see the message icon above it the fill army camp. You click on this icon then shows this ‘‘join now’’ interface open. You can join the clans and also create the clans. You can see the friend’s clans and battle with us. You can play with friends and other best players. 

Jolly Clashmas: 

jolly clashmas mobile

If you want to open the jolly clashmas challenges, you see the gift box icon on the right side. If you win the battle then they give you a gift. 


news events community mobile

You can see the daily updates news and more news about this game. Events challenges win multiplayer battles. If you win the challenges of the event also you win the different resources, troops and many more. If you want to open these events, you can see the two paper icons in front of the gift icon. 


buildings and traps mobile

You can buy buildings and traps with the help of money, gems and elixir. You can buy different machines, traps and many more for the village. If you want the buy these things then clash of clans gives an option at the right bottom.


setting mobile

If you want open the game Setting then gives you a setting option above its shop. You can change language, music, sound and many more options.  

Layout Editor:

layout editor mobile

You can change the layout from the layout editor. Also, edit the layout as you want. If you want to change the layout then, give a layout option above it the setting.


boat mobile

If you click on the boat then you interact with another clan. Clash of clans gives two clans to play. Boat moves between the Home Village and the Builder Base. The player can send resources, troops, and spells to the other village. They can also receive rewards such as Gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Troops, and Spells. 

Home Village:

another clan mobile

After clicking the boat you directly arrive at this clan. This clan is also known as the home village. You’ll start out with a few buildings and resources. As you progress through the game, you’ll upgrade and build new structures, unlock new troops, and gain access to powerful spells. You’ll also receive resources from your attacks.


Really amazing graphics in this game if compare with other games. The visuals are highly detailed, with realistic graphics and animations. The art style has become popular in the gaming community and is recognizable to many players. You’ll find yourself enjoying the strategy gameplay and classic visual experiences


The official sound of Clash of Clans is a mix of soundtracks and sound effects. The main theme is an upbeat Celtic-style tune, which is heard in the game’s menu and loading screens. The sound effects used in the game include swords clashing, explosions, and battle cries.

Clash of Clans User Interface (UI)

It has many options at the interface.

Attack> Left bottom, it shows the clans where you can battle with other players. 

Army> Above the attack, you can see your troops, spells and train. 

Join clan> Click on the message icon, You can join and create a clan.

Challenges> On the right side of the attack, complete challenges and claim resources. 

Profile> Click on your name, and clan invites, create a clan, join a clan and share your clan.

Gift> Right side, complete tasks and battle claim gifts.

Events> In front of the gift, complete events challenges and win different resources.

Shop> Right bottom, you can buy buildings, decorations, treasures, shields and many more.

Setting> Above the shop, Change languages, sounds, music and many more.

Layout Editor> Above the setting, Change and edit the layout of the village and war base. 

Clash of Clans User Experience (UX)

The overall experience is outstanding. Users can easily interact and find the options they want. Everything is exactly perfectly located where it should be.


This is an amazing app as soon as I have experienced it. Having all features that one must need as a game lover.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apk Mod Clash of Clans

What is the general consensus on the game Clash of Clans?

The general consensus on the game Clash of Clans seems to be mostly positive, with many players enjoying the building and upgrading options, the challenge and progression of the game, and the overall graphics and feel of the game.

How do players feel about the building and upgrading options in the game?

Players generally seem to enjoy the building and upgrading options in the game, although some have noted that the upgrading times can be lengthy.

Is the game challenging and does it get harder as you progress?

The game is generally seen as challenging and gets harder as players progress.

Have there been any changes or updates to the game that players did not appreciate?

Some players have not appreciated certain changes or updates to the game, such as the removal of certain buildings that they had spent a long time upgrading.

Is it easy to play with friends or can it be played solo?

The game can be played with friends or solo, and many players find it enjoyable to play with friends.

Is it worth the time commitment, and do players find it enjoyable long-term?

The game is generally seen as worth the time commitment and is enjoyed long-term by many players. However, some players have noted that it can become repetitive or boring at higher levels.

Have there been any issues with bugs or glitches in the game?

There have been some reports of bugs or glitches in the game, but it is not clear how widespread these issues are.

Is the game free of ads?

The game is generally free of ads, although players have the option to purchase certain in-game items or packages.

How do players feel about the waiting times for upgrades?

Players have mixed feelings about the waiting times for upgrades, with some finding them too lengthy and others not minding the wait.

Is the builder’s base aspect of the game enjoyable or not?

The builder’s base aspect of the game is generally seen as enjoyable by some players, but others have found it less enjoyable or repetitive.

Are the graphics and overall feel of the game pleasing to players?

The graphics and overall feel of the game are generally seen as pleasing by players.

Does the game have a good balance of strategy and fun?

The game is generally seen as having a good balance of strategy and fun.

Have the developers of the game been responsive to player feedback and issues?

The developers of the game have generally been seen as responsive to player feedback and issues.

Do players feel that the changes and updates made to the game have been beneficial?

Some players feel that the changes and updates made to the game have been beneficial, while others have not appreciated certain changes.

How do players feel about the cost or time needed for certain features in the game?

Some players have had issues with the cost or time needed for certain features in the game, while others have not had any issues.

Have there been any issues with the game’s launcher?

There have been some reports of issues with the game’s launcher, although it is not clear how widespread these issues are.

Is the game enjoyable for new players, or does it require a long-term commitment?

The game is generally seen as enjoyable for both new players and those who have been playing for a longer period of time.

Are there any issues with the clan system in the game?

It is not clear if there are any widespread issues with the clan system in the game.

How do players feel about the defense and attack options in the game?

Players generally seem to enjoy the defense and attack options in the game.

Are there any notable differences between the original version of the game and newer versions?

There have been a number of updates and changes made to the game since its original release, and some players have noticed notable differences between the original version and newer versions.

Pro’s and Con’s

Good entertainment valueWall prices are high
Multiple accounts can be used without getting boredThe builder base doesn’t have much significance
Wall prices can be adjusted to benefit the gameLong upgrade/building times
The builder base can be made more significantUnbalanced Clan War Leagues
Upgrade time can be shortened by using the remaining gemsHeroes require long upgrade times and builders to trigger upgrades
One of the few base builder games that can be played for free and still progressHeroes require long upgrade times and builders to trigger upgrades
Micro-transactions are strictly cosmeticPay-to-win aspect
Bugs are quickly fixedSome skins are overpriced
Pleasing graphicsGrindy for higher Town Halls
Can reach late game without payingThe Center of the map marker needs improvement
Clan wars are well-built and engagingUpgrade costs are high for Town Hall 11
No ads despite being freeUnbalanced Clan War Leagues
Regular updatesPay-to-win aspect
Can be enjoyable for both casual and competitive playersHammer of Heroes and Book of Heroes should be removed or reworked
Upgrade time is bearableHeroes have no purpose in taking time to upgrade
Can test builds in a practice modeUpgrade times for heroes should be removed
No pay-to-win aspect, just pay-to-winHero upgrades should be instant like walls
Upgrade costs can be made more reasonableHeroes shouldn’t require builders to trigger upgrades
No ads despite being freeThe game can feel like a grind at higher Town Halls

History of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was developed and published by Supercell. Mobile game development company based in Helsinki, Finland. The game was released for iOS platforms on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013.

Players create their own armies of various types of troops such as barbarians, wizards, dragons, and archers use them to attack other players’ villages. Players can also join clans to gain more resources. The game proved to be extremely successful, and the app is on both the App Store and Google Play in 2015.


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